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When Church is Not Enough

Another one bites the dust.  Another Sunday that is. Many people view Sunday as a day of church, etc.  A day of “church”.   Because church is an event to some people.  Similar to going to a sporting event.  Sit back……see the main event (preaching or music)…..give your feedback (giving money or yelling “amen”)…..then you … Continue reading

“Not Ready for That”

“I am not ready for that.” I have heard these words about following God/Jesus. I respect that.  I appreciate honesty.  God knows we could use more honest people in this world. However, I want to point out some things about “being ready for that”. 1.  Jesus loves you right where you are.–You do not need … Continue reading

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!!! You are reading this post on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day… either way…..MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! My prayer is that you did not get caught up in the busyness of Christmas; therefore, you are enjoying the beauty of Christmas. Take away all of the gifts, cookies, fancy Christmas dinners, parties, and church functions.  Yes, even … Continue reading