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Today is Easter…………..the topic of Resurrection is on our tongues, hearts, and minds……..especially today. I recently watched the newest James Bond movie “Skyfall”.  (SPOILER ALERT!!)  In the movie, Bond is tied to a chair and the villain is taunting Bond.  The villain talks about how he has been spending his time in all of these … Continue reading

Child-like Faith

Have you ever noticed the faith of a child? Innocent. Honest. Open. You see, children do not have the baggage that us adults do.  Let’s be honest-we have all been burned by the Church.  All of us.  And if you have ever been in leadership (paid or unpaid) in the Church–you have definitely been burnt. … Continue reading

A Real Man…………

Many of us will often ask the question:  What does a real man look like? Some people picture the model, Fabio, with the perfect hair, chiseled body, and the flawless smile.   Other people picture a real man as a guy that lets nothing in the world bother him.  Everyone has their idea of what … Continue reading

My Dream for the Church

I had a dream…………… …..that churches would share buildings, resources, and even staff to better reach their communities. ……that churches would not compare themselves to the church down the street. …..that Christians would not view non-believers as the enemy.  There is one Enemy, his name is Satan, and he is much worse than someone whom … Continue reading